How To Measure Your Boots

If you plan to order Boot Buckles ONLY (with no boots), you will be required to put your boot measurements in a specific entry when customizing your boot buckles. Here is a diagram that will help you with that process.

#1: RED ARROW - Shaft diameter at scallop line. Use a measuring tape to get the measurement around the entire shaft near the top of the boot where the scallop ends.

#2: BLUE ARROW - Shaft diameter at crown line. Get the measurement around the entire shaft near the bottom of the shaft where the crown line is.

$3: YELLOW ARROW - Shaft Length. Measure from where scallop ends (front of the boot at the top of the point) to where the crown starts (at the curve where the arch at the top of the foot starts to bend).

#4: GREEN ARROW - Boot height. Measure from where the pull strap ends to the ground.

#5: Please let us know the actual number SIZE of the boots you have at home that you measured for above.