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Vagabond Boot Co.

#1219 Boot Buckles - Size Kids 9- Triple Fringe

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  Use code "NOBOOTS" and we will ship the boot buckles only, the code will provide a discounted rate for not purchasing the boots.

Measurements: Bases without straps measure 8.5" long by 3" tall. Top 2 straps are 3.5" long and bottom strap is 2.5" long. These were made on a pair of toddler size 9 boots.

Will they fit my boots? These buckles would be great for boots with shafts no bigger than 10.5 inches around an no taller than 7 inches from the bottom of the inside finger pull down to the sole of the boot. These buckles will be too large for anything smaller than a boot with a shaft of 10" around and inside finger pull to sole measurement of 6.5 inches or smaller.

Trimming: Some trimming may be required if not purchased with the boots that the buckles were built for, you have the option to buy the boots, or just buy the boot buckles. 

Can I return them? We do NOT accept returns on our boot buckles, all sales are final, it is up to the customer to measure their boots prior to purchase to insure a proper fit. We do have a resale group on Facebook you're welcome to list them on if you need to sell them. 

All of our Boot Buckles are handmade in Texas from only 100% genuine hand cut leathers. We do NOT use faux, fake or pleather leathers for our products.