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Vagabond Boot Co.

TEAM ONLY Boot Buckles® - Custom Build Your Own

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Do you understand that the base price of $115 is for baby boots and that any size larger the price will adjust as you select the correct size? Also, do you understand that as you customize and make any upgrades or choose add-ons that the price will change and adjust and the final price will be reflected in your cart once you click "add to cart" at the end of this form?
How to Order:
-This area is for purchasing CUSTOM REMOVABLE FRINGE BOOT BUCKLES.
-All orders are CUSTOM and HANDMADE.
-The examples in the photos are JUST EXAMPLES. You will NOT receive the items shown.
-You must make a selection in EACH drop down OR empty field to be able to add your custom boot buckles to your cart.
-You also MUST check the box next to the turn around time at the end or you will not be able to add the custom product to your cart.
-One you have read and understand these instructions please select yes below.
Here you will select the SIZE RANGE that you or your child's boot size fits into (even if you do not add new boots to the order, we still need to know the boot size) Please select the size of the boots you or your child wears. You will be prompted to add new boots in the NEXT drop down should you choose to add boots to your order. The original style boot buckles are perfect for babies through YOUNG youth children. Older youth and adults, please purchase from the short "booties" option or the long-fringe option.
Our leather fringe boot buckles are removable accessory add-ons for boots, and do not come with boots, but you may purchase a brand new pair of boots from us if you would like to.
Please select the size of boots you’d like to add to your boot buckles. This is for a Vagabond Branded Boot or a Brand comparable of our choice. We will choose the style and color of boot for you, based on your color selections. If you wish to purchase your own and send them in to us, please DO NOT add boots. Please purchase the size of the boot buckles you need according to the size of the boots you are going to send in and decline the previous option, which will remove this option from your form.
If you plan to purchase your own boots and send them into us, please check the YES box below AFTER reviewing the requirements below:
-Please only send in boots if they are BRAND NEW, if they are NOT brand new, then please select the option to provide us with your measurements instead. We do NOT work with used boots in our shop.
-Boots MUST HAVE an inside finger pull for the boot buckles to strap through. If they do not, please DO NOT send them to us.

Once you have read and understood the above, please check the YES box below and follow our shipping instructions:

Please ship brand new boots to the address below, you must include the following INSIDE the package: Name one the order, order number, return shipping address, email & phone number.
Vagabond Boot Co.
PO BOX 1250
Palacios, TX 77465
If you are NOT ordering boots with your buckles, please enter in the measurements from the “how to measure your boots” section on the website. This is VERY important so your buckles fit your boots you already have perfectly. Please enter #1, #2, #3 #4 and #5 measurements/info in the text box below. If you DO NOT put these measurements your order will be refunded and you can come back and place a new order when you have the measurements. I suggest ordering boots from me if you do not have any or do not have accurate measurements. If you are purchasing new boots and made a new boot selection above, please type "not applicable" in the box below. Anything other than MEASUREMENTS typed in this field will be IGNORED. Please ONLY include measurements in this box.
Please let us know if you would like to add double or triple fringe to your boot buckles.
Add this option if you’d like extra hand-cut leather fringe for that awesome full fringe look!
Please select up to 3 options below. We restrict this so our creativity in design stays intact. We want to make a beautiful pair of Boot Buckles for you, while staying true to our ability to design. If you want something SPECIFIC, please DO NOT order on this form. As an example if you want a neutral palette with leopard and turquoise, please click the boxes for "neutral palette", "leopard print" & "turquoise" below.
Please choose 1 to 3 options
Here you can choose the "details" such as upper band options, side-piece options, etc. Please select only 1 upper band option and 1 side piece option.
Please choose 1 to 2 options
Here is where you will upload an inspiration photo, a sports team idea, a past design, a color palette, etc. This is your ONLY chance to upload a photo that inspires the choices you have made above. DO NOT add any words/sentences to this photo, they will be ignored. ONLY upload a single photo, NOT a collage created on an app or a combination of photos, we will ONLY utilize ONE of the photos for inspiration to create your order. For example if you chose to do a sports team theme above, please upload the logo of the sports team here. If you have questions please ask us first.
Do you understand that our turn around time is 45 business days? This does NOT include weekends or holidays. This is when the item will SHIP, not when the item will be DELIVERED. By checking the box below you confirm you have read and understand this notice.

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 The ORIGINAL removable fringe boot buckles.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT ORDER CANCELLATIONS AFTER ORDERS ARE PLACED. We do NOT offer refunds for custom orders after they are placed.