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Vagabond Boot Co.

#168 Kids Original Boot Buckles - Double Fringe

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Handmade in Texas! 

Made for Vagabond Brand Boots, but can also be worn on commercial brand boots. Commercial brand fit is decided based on measurements, please see photo for measurement of the pair in this listing. You'll measure the shaft diameter and make sure the base part with the fringe attached fits within that diameter. If your boot diameter is much more, or much less than the length of the base with the fringe in the photo, you may need to size up or down. Our boot buckles are meant to grow with your child, so finding the best fit for your boots right now, is very important. Please message us, email or comment on social media if you need help with what to buy.

The straps are for pulling tight so the buckles do not fall down on your boots. Our boot buckles are meant to hit approximately 1/2 inch above the ground, and not drag the ground. Some minor trimming may be required depending on fit, don't be afraid to trim if needed. Boots with inside finger pulls are ideal so you can buckle the top strap through the inside finger pull of your boot.